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Car Detailing At Autoshine Blackpool

Are you the sort of person who want's their car to really stand out in a crowd?
Ever looked at your car and noticed those annoying scratches and swirl marks that seem to appear from nowhere? Or do you just want your car to look the best it possibly can? If not then one of our routine maintenance valets will be more than good enough for you, However if you are the sort of person that wants the best then read on and welcome to the world of detailing....

Detailing is a term used to describe having your car cleaned to a level way beyond that of your average valet, where the aim is to achieve a finish as good as, or in some cases better than that of a car that has just rolled off the production line. Special care is taken to clean, polish and protect every surface to leave it as good as it can be, to give your car the edge and the sort of finish that is very rarely seen on a car outside of a new car showroom.

It's also ideal if you are trying to sell a high value car and you want it to stand out from the crowd, a car that looks so good the person looking at it will want to buy it before they have even sat in it!

But what does having my car detailed at Autoshine Blackpool actually involve?

Firstly, at Autoshine, all detailing is carried out by me, the owner, Gary Scott, fully qualified to level 3 apprenticeship standard in vehicle maintenance and repair, i have been involved in the motor trade for over fifteen years at hands on level so you can be confident your pride and joy is in safe hands.

As for your vehicle, it depends on what you want from your car's detail, you may just want the exterior detailed, or you may just want the interior done or perhaps you want the full car to look the best it possibly can?
Either way, I will talk to you in advance prior to starting any work, going through everything and finding out exactly what you want, this way I know exactly how far you want me to go with your car and you know exactly what you are paying for and what to expect your car to look like when it's finished.

Exterior detailing

It's the outside of the car that I get asked to detail more than any other part - and for good reason - it's the part that most other people see! The stages for detailing the outside vary and there are many different processes, but I'll try and break it down so that it's easy to understand as they can be a bit mind boggling for someone new to detailing.

For cars without major scratches/swirl marks/paint defects
This focuses on cleaning up the car's existing paintwork and making the most of what you already have.

  • car is fully pressure washed
  • Blanket of snow foam applied to loosen any dirt particles and left to dwell
  • wheels thoroughly cleaned using non-acidic cleaners
  • wheel arches cleaned
  • Door and boot shuts cleaned paying special attention to hinge area.
  • Body work is cleaned using washmitt with detailing brushes used on intricate areas
  • Bodywork pressure washed again
  • Fallout remover applied to dissolve any brake filings / industrial fallout bonded to vehicle
  • Tar remover applied to dissolve any tar on bodywork and wheels
  • Full car is washed once more then fully dried
  • Entire car is clayed with a clay bar to remove any contaminants left after the wash process
  • The car is polished by hand
  • The car is then given a coat of paint sealant, wax or both
  • depending on your preference, leaving it shining and protected.
  • All exterior plastics are dressed.
  • Tyres are dressed
  • Exhaust tips and any chrome are polished.
  • All windows are polished.

Time Required: Five hours minimum.

Cost: From £90

As stage 1 but prior to waxing/sealant application.

  • *Wheels are removed from vehicle and fully cleaned inside and out, then wheel wax applied.
  • Wheel arches are cleaned and dressed
  • All edges are taped to protect them during the polishing process
  • On every panel paint depth readings are taken using a paint depth gauge and noted.
  • The entire car is then given a single stage polish with a polishing machine to remove as many swirl marks and lighter scratches as possible with a single stage polish. During polishing paint depth readings are continually taken.
  • After polishing the car is wiped down to remove any residue left from the polish.
  • Full car is waxed/sealed, including door and boot edges
  • Glass water repellent is applied to exterior windows
  • All chrome and exposed metals are sealed with metal sealant

Time Required: 1 - 2 days.
Cost: From £150

As stage 1 and 2, but prior to waxing / sealant application.

As good as it gets without repainting, any scratch that can be removed by polishing is removed, this includes deeper scratches that although deep haven't fully penetrated the paints top layer or clearcoat.
This is completed using two or sometimes three stages of machine polishing, with multiple polishing compounds and polishing heads used to leave the finish of your cars paintwork as good as it can possibly be.

In some cases we may actually flatten the paintwork with very fine abrasive paper (known as wet sanding) prior to polishing to remove orange peel, scratches or any defects that polishing alone will not remove.

Headlamps and tail lamps are also machine polished to restore clarity.
All stage three details carried out will get our interior and engine bay detail packages as part of the price.


Time Required: 2 days.
Cost: From £P.O.A

Because the inside matters too!

  • Vacuum the entire car, twice, paying special attention to underneath the seats and in the areas people don't normally see,
  • In some cases the seats will be removed completely from the car to allow better access, as well as any pieces of trim that are easily removed to allow better access for cleaning.
  • The entire interior is wiped down with suitable detergents to remove any dirt, heel marks etc, paying special attention to the glove box, cubby holes, vents, pedal area, kick plastics, ash tray, etc.
  • The upholstery is shampoo'd, carpets, headlining, seats, boot floor, paying extra care to remove any marks or stains that are on the fabric.
  • At this point you can opt to have the fabric and carpets treated to an interior guard treatment that I offer that seals the fabric and protects it from any future spills.
  • If the car has leather upholstery this is properly cleaned and treated with a leather preservative.
  • All of the interior plastics are dressed with a plastic dressing, if the seats/any trim have been removed they are now replaced.
  • All interior glass including vanity mirrors are now polished to a smear free shine, as well as the instrument binnacle and clock faces etc.
  • The interior is then given a final wipe down and vacuum.

**If you have any cigarette burns, rips or stains that can't be removed through normal practices then I have the contacts to have them professionally repaired at my workshop too if you wish.**

I only use the finest products to achieve the best finish on your vehicle, products from the likes of, Autoglym, Dodo Juice, Meguiars and 3M to name just a few.


Prices: from £50



If you want your car to be as maintenance free as possible after having it detailed then I recommend the Gtechniq system, especially for people with little time to wax their car regularly, using the latest advances in vehicle protection technology Gtechniq can actually stop swirl marks and etching marks from appearing on your paintwork, stop stains from sticking to your interior, and help maintain the value of your car longer than any other product on the market.

Gtechniq was developed for use on aircraft before being made available to use on car's and they now offer various products to cover every possible area of your car such as paint sealant, leather guard, fabric guard, etc. There is no better car protection package on earth in my experience.
I can supply and apply the Gtechniq system to your vehicle from £150 for the exterior package and £60 for the interior package, and £45 for the cabriolet roof protection..

Basically, I offer the above levels of interior and exterior detailing for your car, the one you choose for your vehicle will depend on the condition your paintwork is currently in, and the end result you are looking to achieve. If your vehicle has any dents or paint scratches/defects that can't be rectified by detailing alone, we have trade contacts that can sort these while the car is in our possession if you wish.

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